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On behalf of the Marehaven Neighborhood Association, let us welcome you to the community. We hope you find Marehaven a warm, friendly and safe place to live. Here is some important information about your neighborhood association.
Upon accepting the deed to your new home, you became a member of the Marehaven Neighborhood Association, as set forth in the Marehaven Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. This Association was incorporated by for the following purposes: I) maintaining the Common Area property, 2) administering and enforcing the restrictive covenants (or deed restrictions), and 3) collecting assessments to underwrite the costs of these functions. The Association’s day to day activities are administered by Fayette Property Management.
If you would like to construct a fence or make a change to the outside of your home please contact Fayette Property Management for the exterior modification application. These activities require approval by the Board of Directors of Marehaven prior to commencement.
The Association’s activities are funded by mandatory property assessments, which are billed uniformity to each home in the community ($87.00) for 2018. These fees finance the administrative and maintenance activities of the Association. If you purchased your home after the first of the year, the fee is reduced by a pro-rata amount.
We look forward to your involvement in our community and in our Association. Please take a few moments to complete the registration form under the governing documents tab so that we may contact you as needed. If you have questions about the assessment or the deed restriction, please do not hesitate to contact Fayette Property Management.
On behalf of the Board of Directors
Fayette Property Management